Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cutie Gadget »Pebble Smartstick + Portable Charger solves your energy woes on the road

pebble-smartstickRoad warriors day routine tend to – miss a single day could prove disastrous next. I am referring plethora before , so day slew lined up, would also be prepared issues head on. Well, there when forgetfulness strikes, tiredness, smartphone. Fret not, there a solution problem, t pocket power, the £29.99 Pebble Smartstick + Portable Charger would be equal task.

Sporting a 2,800mAh power supply, be able smartphone maximum, also . The Pebble Smartstick + Portable Charger would arrive handy carabiner protective screw cap, allowing hook a bag loop, while making sure connector remains safe from any external damage. After all, device arrives sturdy metal casing, where there be red LED charging indicators status. 5 charging tips thrown in mix, including micro-USB, mini-USB, Sony Ericsson, Nokia pin tip 30 pin.
[ Pebble Smartstick + Portable Charger solves woes road ]

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