Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Potty Monkey – Toilet Training Buddy for Kids


Its been a while since I potty trained my daughter, what I a rather simple one day event. We told her girls go potty if she wasn’t a big girl couldn’t teach her , then the “potty patrol” would come house her school. Done . She used from then on, letters… saved enough money both AND hours she need from potty patrol thing.

Think savings however, if had Monkey. Forget boring books, dad’s car magazines, Monkey was designed pediatric urologist a very successful toilet training option. Potty Monkey adorable plush monkey talk every time he tiny flushing toilet 30 minute timer might just be time .

So while I “potty patrol” scenario definitely works, Monkey may just be option. The k books, one all about training, other, a board book, about Potty Monkey potty chair new underpants. Potty Monkey at 30 bucks, which , much cheaper than therapy, dont ?
[ Potty Monkey – Toilet Training Buddy ]

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