Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Hauppauge launches HD PVR Rocket for consoles

hauppauge_hdpvr_rocket_hdrHauppauge, a name would be familiar with, another device which exp video recorder family after launching their HD PVR Rocket Games Week recently. s , wondering just what deal to “yet another” video recorder. Well, here kicker – PVR Rocket happens able video from PlayStation, Xbox gaming consoles, be able so HD resolution, about that? T make PVR Rocket ultimate portable video recorder since tiny enough in hand. Just how light ? Try 4.6 oz.

Recording video all HD PVR Rocket does, comes built-in audio mixer a USB port gamer USB thumb drive . Since USB thumb drives about dirt cheap these days, probably quite a collection from trade shows, a 16GB capacity USB thumb drive able away 4 hours HD resolution when plugged in HD PVR Rocket.

The HD PVR Rocket might sound rather familiar , but because footsteps HD PVR 2, which was first introduced last year. The HD PVR 2 then was quality video market, but either a PC video recordings. With PVR Rocket, longer need route since standalone device, a computer kind a recording.

Expect PVR Rocket from November 15 onward, bears a recommended retail price euros, while those living America out .

[ Hauppauge launches HD PVR Rocket ]

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