Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Ten iPad Charging Bay

So house where just about every head under own one Apple device, be smartphone tablet. Assuming most folks there settle iPad portable computing needs, then know these iPads individually be a hassle. Since all one big happy family, how about having a communal charging point instead? Splash a little b money $899.95 Ten iPad Charging Bay.

Yes sir, I am quite sure read – talking about charging bay capable ,,, heck – five, but a whopping ten iPads simultaneously. T home based iPad charging stations, , picked gong iF Product Design Award. The Ten iPad Charging Bay compact cabinet tablets . Inside lies slots iPads regardless generation, ports located right below tablets using their charging cables. Whenever a MacBook via USB cable, synchronize 10 iPads simultaneously too, making sure version program.

[ Ten iPad Charging Bay ]

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